Straussmania – Pop culture before 1900

The multimedia project Straussmania, beginning in December 2022, is dedicated to the places and protagonists of popular culture of the 19th century. In individual chapters, Straussmania tells of remarkable venues throughout the districts of Vienna such as the New World (Neue Welt) in Hietzing, Sperl in Leopoldstadt, and, the Apollo Hall (Apollosaal) in Schottenfeld. All of the visited locations appropriately vibrate in three-quarter time because they are connected to the music of the Strauss family and their contemporaries. Straussmania is a joint project of, the Vienna Institute for Cultural and Contemporary History ( and the Library of Vienna. All chapters on ORF Topos.

The “long” history of the Vienna Secession

In time for the 125th anniversary of the opening of the Vienna Secession building on November 15, 2023, a preliminary study of the long cultural-political history of its leading members will be completed. The history of the Vienna Secession is marked by ruptures, but also by long-lasting stability. This marked chronology covers the time of the authoritarian Habsburg monarchy as well as the embattled and militant First Republic; the Catholic-pervasive Dollfuß-Schuschnigg dictatorship; as well as the totalitarian regime of National Socialism; and, the curating, but also aesthetic consequences and stability after 1945. 

The Suppressed Cultural Internationalization Push 1945-1945 during the Allied Administration of Vienna

Never before in history – and certainly not after the totalitarian terror regime of the National Socialists and their racist anti-Semitic cultural policy – was international art and culture from all areas – from France, Great Britain, Russia and the USA – presented in Vienna or in the respective “occupation zones.”  However, only in Vienna was it actually an interallied cultural offering.

Oral history Interviews on the history of Vienna and the social, political and cultural developments in the period of the Allied administration 1945-1955

In cooperation with, the Wien Museum and the Österreichische Mediathek life history interviews were conducted with formative personalities from the worlds of art, culture and politics on the subject of Vienna 1945 to 1955.

Projects and Focus of VICCA

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