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10 December: The New Dreher Beer Hall

Oliver Rathkolb

The New Dreher Beer Hall (Neue Dreher’sche Bierhalle) in Vienna’s third district not only offered a popular concert venue for well-known Viennese bands, it also provided the stage for the premier performances of the New Vienna Women’s Orchestra (Neue Wiener Damen-Orchester).  This group of eight female musicians was led by violinist, conductor and pianist, Josephine Weinlich.In 1859, a dignified inn designed by Anton Dreher the elder (1810—1863) was located at Landstraßer Hauptstraße 97—101.  Situated on the former site of two smaller buildings, including the inn Zur grünen Weintraube, Dreher’s inn boasted a large open-air restaurant and dance hall which could host 3,000 patrons. (Full text)

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