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12 December: The Apollo Hall and “Zum Großen Zeisig”

Isabella Sommer

Pomp and pageantry in the Apollosaal

The Apollosaal on Schottenfeld was an opulently furnished entertainment establishment in 19th century Vienna. Anyone who crossed the threshold of the location was drawn into the spell of the magnificent rooms – complete with marble columns, artificial ponds, waterfalls and real trees. All this shone in the glow of thousands of candles, while the Viennese turned to the music in a waltzing rhythm. (Full text on ORF Topos)


Wenzel Deimel (Stadtbaumeister), Etablissement Apollosaal in der Zieglergasse, Schnitt durch die beiden Säle, 1819, Wien Museum Inv.-Nr. 19351/3, CC0 (https://sammlung.wienmuseum.at/objekt/152223/)

Zum Großen Zeisig

The restaurant “Zum großen Zeisig” (today: 7., Burggasse 2) was a popular dance and folk singing venue in the 19th century. The house “Zum großen Zeisig”, located on Spittelberg at the Burg-Glacis, was built in 1698 by the court trellis-maker Fabian Fritz, who sold it in 1711 to the innkeeper and carter Mathias Zeissel. During the battles in 1809 the house was severely damaged, then rebuilt and provided with a large hall. The inn established there actually carried the sign “Zum goldenen Adler”. (German full text)